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 Rules & Info here!

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PostSubject: Rules & Info here!   Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:26 pm

Black Book rules / PENAL CODES
Black Book Rules:

1.) Stay Loyal to MEA!

2.) Always stay in uniform!

3.) Participate in clan activities like rallies, tournaments, and battles!

4.) All recruits are to be in uniform and to be reported to a Captain or above at time of recruitment!

5.) Be open minded. State your opinion when asked!

6.) When in meetings, state your name & chapter when you have the floor!

7.) Be respectful to all MEA members, showing more respect to higher ranks!

8.) If you leave, you're not allowed back in MEA. Once an enemy, always an enemy!

9.) Never abandon your post. Never leave a fellow MEA player behind, unless told otherwise by a superior officer. If you leave a clan battle, do not bother to return!

10.) We Call, you Haul!! Report immediately when summoned.

11.) Dont branch out and make your own Chapter without permission from a High Command officer or above. It is an ACT OF WAR.

12.) No Seniority, What you put in is what you get out!

13.) You Cannot have two accounts in different clans!

14.) All new recruits get in a clan tryout within 48 hours of recruitment.

15.) Every time chapter inspections are done, chapter tag information must be updated. (Password and Secret Question changed.)

16) A former member is not welcome to re-apply back into the MEA. A former member must be ask to come back by the Founder or the 4Fathers.

17) All members of the MEA are not permitted to hostboot or kick any other member of the MEA offline. If you do you will be blacklisted from the clan.

Chronicle Court Rules
1.) The Chronicle Court is a court or a table of officers that influences the Chronicle Chief Justice's decisions. The Chronicle Chief Justice makes decisions on anything and everything problematic in the clan that could be a future major issue. This Court is designed to take care of the issue at hand WITHOUT the need of contacting the founder over something he needs not waste his precious time on.

2.) All domestic disputes are taken care of through the Chronicle Court. The Justices may make a ruling to act on the issue, exile an individual, place a person on probation, or dismiss the case completely.

3.) When a former member is ask to re-apply with the MEA, the Chronicle Chief Justice may make a ruling on the spot. He may decide to let the person re-enter the MEA or may deny them membership. When an ex-officer is ask to re-apply, the Chronicle Chief Justice must have a representative of the MEA government present for his ruling.

Archive Rules:
1.) Never leave the founder alone! As an Archive member, you must protect the founder.

2.) All foreign affairs that may be taken as a threat are to be dealt with by the Archive staff.

3.) All Archive staff must be up-to-date on tactical advantages, disadvantages, war status, ongoing ghosting projects, or anything that may be taken as a threat to MEA security.

4.) Archive must be in constant contact with new clans categorizing, assessing threats, and determining possible status. (Possible Ally, Threat, Occupied Territory, Neighboring Clan, Non-Aggression Pact, Defense Pact)

Clan Index
Allyship- Both communities leaders agree to open their gates, participate in each others events, and protect each other.

Threat- An individual, group, or clan that is a hazard to the security of the MEA.

Occupied Territory- A clan that MEA will train and develop with full control of the clan's leadership. One clan may only be occupied for a maximum of 30 days. In exchange the clan will agree to enter into the MEA's wars, and will agree to go to war before the MEA is attacked. Not being in full compliance can result in an act of war. Once the MEA and the occupied territory have fulfilled their side of the agreement, within the 30 day time limit, both clans will shake hands and part ways.

Neighboring Clan- Class 1 to Class 3 clan that will participate in MEA's events and remain on good terms, but will not interfere in any foreign or domestic affairs.

Non-Aggression Pact- Both governments agree to remain neutral and not to cross the lines as far as infiltration and influence of clan affairs.

Defense Pact- Unlike Allyship, where you have the option of not going to war alongside MEA, the clan is obligated to go into war alongside MEA. In the event that this clan is under attack, MEA will defend them as they would the MEA.

High Command Rules
1.) A High Command officer is the individual overseeing day to day operations on a particular game.

2.) They give their up-to-date reports to the Chairman/Chancellor.

4 Fathers Rules
1.) The 4 Fathers are powerful tyrannical leaders with the power to modify the rules and laws of the MEA.

2.) The 4 Fathers have the power to overturn the Founder's decision. The majority of the 4 fathers must agree to overturn the decision.

3.) The 4 Fathers have the power to temporarily release the Founder from his command for the security of the MEA, due to anything that may impair his better judgment.

4.) After 5 days of no contact with the Founder, or under extreme conditions, the Chairman of the 4 Fathers will assume control of the clan.

5.) In the event that the Founder and the Chairman are eliminated, the remaining 4 Fathers will go by seniority to assume control of the clan. If all of the 4 Fathers are eliminated, the Chairman of the High Command/Chancellor will assume command.

Penal Code
Section 1- Small Infractions
1.Subsection 1- Being loud (1st Warning, 2nd Warning/Possible Demotion 3rd Demotion/Expulsion)
2.Subsection 2 - Disrespecting members (1st Warning, 2nd Warning/Possible Demotion 3rd Demotion/Expulsion)
3.Subsection 3- Out of uniform (1st Warning, 2nd Demotion, 3rd Expulsion)
4.Subsection 4- Not responding immediately to the party invite of a superior officer without a satisfactory excuse(See rule 10)(1st warning 2nd possible Demotion/Expulsion)

Section 2 Intermediate Infractions
1.Subsection 1- Disrespecting commanding officer (1st Possible suspension, 2nd Expulsion)
2.Subsection 2-Leaving a clan battle without satisfactory excuse (expulsion)
3.Subsection 3-Officer lacking skill in their job (Probation/Demotion)

Section 3- MAJOR Infractions
1.Subsection 1-Treason (Immediate expulsion)
2.Subsection 2- Branching Off (Expulsion)
3.Subsection 3- Giving MEA Information to Hostile entities/groups (Blacklist)

Additional Information
Anyone caught harboring enemies inside of MEA will be brought to trial, tried for treason, and expelled.

Additional Information
To be considered an allied founder you must be a founder of a clan that is currently in an alliance with MEA. See: Clan Index/Allyship.

MEA's Constitution
Determined to achieve their goal by ravaging and consuming clans in every corner of the internet. The Murd1n Evolution Army leave nothing in their wake but the distant memory of their conquered rivals. For several years, the Murd1n Evolution Army "MEA" have relentlessly improved their vast numbers by traveling the internet conquering, destroying, and occupying countless clans on all gaming formats.

Singular Goal
Our singular goal, unlike most clans is the consumption of strong minds.

Sole Purpose
Our sole purpose is to conquer and defend the "MEA" against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Why we are Here
We are here to ensure the survival of the evolution and for the glory of our empire.

Our Motto

Our Logo
Our logo is the scorpion.

Our Colors
Our colors are black and red.
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Rules & Info here!
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